Managed Website Hosting and the key to success

When it comes to hosting and maintaining the health of your website, you’ll need a well structured ‘tried and tested’ strategy in order to succeed. For some businesses, this can often be incredibly challenging and very often a time consuming and thankless task.

Ask yourself

  • Is my website up-to-date and secure?
  • Are my website visitors and their data secure?
  • What happens if my website gets hacked or fails, do I have a plan B?
  • Do I have the time to repair my website from scratch while trying to manage front of house?

If you’ve answered no to any of these, read on… Thankfully, there are alternatives to trying to maintain the website for yourself, there are also a multitude of Managed Website Hosting benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. Zero day updating, heartbeat and security, quick repairs and uptime monitoring, data back up, speed and optimisation, a company needs to have their website(s) working optimally so that they can concentrate on the important bit, delivering results!

A managed website hosting plan can offer these benefits and has proved to be the best solution and the key to success for businesses looking to save precious time and up their game.

What is Managed Website Hosting?

Managed website hosting is a where the host (Cotswold Web Design) takes over the management and operation of the website and its growing file system on behalf of the client (you, our web partners). There are many reasons why businesses large and small consider using managed hosting solutions for their websites (often built on systems like WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc), if you are using Wix or similar then you are losing out (but that’s an SEO disaster story for another day), here are a few of the reasons and benefits why you should use a managed website hosting plan.

Technical benefits of a managed website hosting plan

Website and server monitoring

This process involves continuous scrutiny of the website file structure on the server in a bid to detect any irregularities or failures that may surface. The main purpose of monitoring the website is to rectify a minor problem before it amplifies into a larger one. Around the clock monitoring can guarantee less downtime and peace of mind that the network is available at all times to your visitors.

Website visibility and server security

When it comes to a websites visibility, security is one of the most important things that a business should consider. Server security envelopes the various key elements of any good strategy; scanning for viruses, SPAM filtering and blacklisting of bad IP addresses, operational updates such as php handling and db optimisation. With a Managed Website Hosting plan, a business doesn’t need to concentrate on these as the host carries it out for them.

Managed storage and database management

Over time, both the website storage (images and other site content) and database requirements (core detail, pages, products etc) for any business are certain to change. As a result, the server space and expertise needed by the business will change too. Websites improving functionality require a specialised skillset to strike the correct balance. Choosing to use a managed web hosting service can help you deal with these problems at once.

Website backup and disaster recovery

A business can often stand the risk of losing their data when disaster occurs. Such loss may be detrimental to the businesses operation and potentially its longterm survival. Choosing a managed website hosting plan which can offer monthly, weekly or even daily backups will help the business owner to relax, knowing that the host has the mechanism to deal with such an event quickly and effectively.

Dedicated customer and technical support

By choosing to use our managed hosting plan, you’ll receive expert customer and technical support in case of a problem. We offer our web partners premium support via our ticketed email system.

Being smart and reducing your operating costs

With the average entry level website administrator earning around £23K per annum (around £63.00 per day) you might be in the position to afford the luxury of being able to employ a dedicated manager for your website. One that would have the correct knowledge to perform the delicate tasks required to keep your website healthy. Being a small business, it can difficult to achieve this. A managed website hosting plan offers you a web partner at the fraction of the price. We offer our 365 plan, which starts from only £1.65 per day, now thats being smart with your finances.


Managed website hosting is a professional service and while not free does offer great value for money. The benefits that come with a managed hosting solution far outweigh the cost. A managed web hosting plan represents the best value for money for any business.

Have a website that needs some attention? Get in touch and start a managed hosting plan today!