“We help you build your fan base and bring your products back into the spotlight.”

06.What we do

Social media management

Your time is a valuable asset. To build your online universe, you’ll need to be logging in and out of your social media networks, tracking competitors and swapping hats to maintain your customer services  on a daily basis.
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Help when you need it most

This can quite often lead to social media meltdown – you are using multiple social networks right? You’ll have spurts of ingenuity, often flooding your social media streams with sales offers and your latest diet tip. Quickly boring yourself and forgetting to all importantly update your social media for a month or two, all the time becoming less relevant and losing fans.

Social Media is not a fad that will simply go away, it’s been around you for many years. We were there to see the rise of Facebook, the fall of Myspace and the current trend leaning towards photo sharing applications like Instagram and Pinterest.

Research each of your social media networks for the ideal post size and optimum image sizes.
Make sure you study the relevant hashtag trends by location, time of day and viral moments.
Don’t be afraid to follow competitors, remember – they’ll be tracking and learning from you too.
Monitor likes, mentions and reposts of your brand and react to negativity on the social web positively.

Building your fanbase

At Cotswold Web Design, we can help you build your fan base and bring your products back into the spotlight. We have the latest tools to help get your business noticed. With a social media plan to suit all business sizes, let Cotswold Web Design be your online partner.

Getting started

Getting started is easy, if you have the strategy but lack the time to implement it, please get in touch to discuss one of our many solutions. You might not have any social media channels set up yet and some basic training might be required. We can help with that too. Whatever your needs, lets chat today.