What do your logo colours say about your company? The most prominent brands in the world are defined by their colors. Think of McDonald’s golden arches, the name Red Letter, and Nike slogan…

These companies, and many others, strategically use colors in their logo, website, and product to appeal to their customers. As an online business, it’s important to think about how you utilize colours and what the colours you choose say about your business.

  • Red implies passion, energy, danger or aggression; warmth and heat. It has also been found to stimulate appetite, which explains why it is used in so many restaurants and food product logos. Choosing red for your logo can make it feel more dynamic.
  • Orange is often seen as the colour of innovation and modern thinking. It also carries connotations of youth, fun, affordability and approachability.
  • Yellow  requires cautious use as it has some negative connotations including its signifying of cowardice and its use in warning signs. However it is sunny, warm and friendly and is another colour that is believed to stimulate appetite.
  • Green is commonly used when a company wishes to emphasise their natural and ethical credentials, especially with such products as organic and vegetarian foods. Other meanings ascribed to it include growth and freshness, and it’s popular with financial products too…
  • Blue is one of the most widely used colours in corporate logos. It implies professionalism, serious mindedness, integrity, sincerity and calm. Blue is also associated with authority and success, and for this reason is popular with both financial institutions and government bodies.

Showing the influence of certain logos, did you know 67% of 2-3 year-old children can correctly match logos to products? Did you know that the BBC spent more than one million pounds on its logo redesign, while Microsoft spent nothing. The original Twitter bird logo was purchased for $15 (reportedly the original artist received $6.

So… What do your colours say about your business?