The popular, Bluetooth-connected lost item finder “Tile is introducing a new product dubbed “Tile Slim”. It’s designed to be kept in your wallet, so you can find it (your wallet) if it ever goes missing. The device – which the company claims is the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker – finally makes it possible to use Tile with not only your wallet, but also with other thin items that you want to track, like laptops, tablets, passports, cycles and more. Tile also announced an expansion into the enterprise with its first business offering, the Tile Smart Location Platform, which allows other companies to embed Tile’s location technology into their own products.

Among the sea of competing devices, Tile has become the one to beat. The company, which got its start on Kickstarter, now has users in 200 countries around the world and is locating over half a million items per day.

So what is the new sizing?

The new Tile Slim addresses some of the user complaints found with the original Tile – users claimed the device was too fat for many of the items they wanted to track. For instance, sticking a Tile to your notebook would have been unseemly; in your wallet, it would have stretched out the leather. Tile Slim changes that. The device is 54mm x 54mm x 2.4 mm in size, or “as slim as two credit cards,” say the company.

Top 10 tiled items

Eight Tiles arrive at HQ, here’s a list of what we need to Tile.

  1. Keys
  2. Wallet / Purse
  3. Car (GPS Tracker?)
  4. Mountain Bike
  5. The Office Dog
  6. Macbook / iMac
  7. Man bag / Handbag
  8. Gadgets (Kids of-course)
  9. Luggage / Sports Bags
  10. Yep! Still Just About Anything!

How it works

The app supports up to eight Tiles, so you don’t need to make any hard choices about what you’ll Tile and what you won’t. As the Bluetooth signal draws you closer, Tile’s distinctive melody will play until your lost item is back in safe hands. You pair the Tile with your App, stick it on just about anything and boom – you are ready to get tracking!

Water resistant

While scuba diving is out of the question, Tile is water resistant. A spilled drink or a rainy day won’t pose a problem. Tile works on iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0. With the imminent release of the iPhone 7 and it’s water resistant technology – we can’t wait!

When and where can I get the new Tile Slim?

Slim is sold for around £19.99 each with discounts available for a 4-pack. It’s currently available both online at the TileApp store and will also be offered by retailers including Amazon, Apple, Tesco, Carphone Warehouse and Currys / PC World starting after Friday, September 2nd! Now, just where did I leave my lunchbox…