Responding to your customers and how they are next going to shop or browse your online services should be at the forefront of every business. After all, your website is an extension of your storefront, in some cases the only storefront that you may have. So why let it undersell you and your fabulous products?

When getting a quote for your new website, have a list of questions ready to ask the designer.

  • Will the new website be responsive? (Adapt to the majority of todays modern mobile devices).
  • Will I have back office admin access? (To modify your products and service pages).
  • Will I get ongoing support? (If your website breaks, you will need to repair it yourself otherwise).

Is your website responsive?

Open your website in a second window, drag the right hand side of the window to the left. Do the pages adapt? Notice how the words wrap beautifully, the images resize. If you are confused or the answer is no, then help is at hand.

We like many others in the web design community like to think we cater for everyone and the majority of todays modern devices. As the big guns churn out bigger, wider (and even humongous) looking devices for ogre sized hands, keeping up with the competition can be an expensive chore – but can you afford not to?

Top tip: Remember your website may display incorrectly if your chosen device browser is out of date or obsolete. Always keep your device firmware up to date to view as intended, think about replacing outdated technology the next time your “airtime” provider offers you a new device.