Goodbye Google+

From April 2nd 2019, all Google+ content (personal) will start vanishing for good from the world wide web.

We’ve known for some time that the search engine giant had planned to “sunset” the consumer side of its social network, and for several reasons. It had suffered low usage statistics and challenges in maintaining a successful product (its data breach, a leakage of up to half a million users data between 2015 and March 2018).

Originally, Google said that the service would close in August 2019, but it has moved the date forward to April 2nd due to more technical issues found within the system. On February 4th, you lost the ability “to create new Google+ profiles, pages, communities and events” and now that you have an exact deadline, you can ensure that you save any photos, videos and posts that you had uploaded to it. After this time, the company will shut down Google+ accounts for good, deleting pages, photos, videos and other associated content.

With the security breach at the heart of the matter, disappearing sooner are the Google+ API developer tools, they ceased to exist after March 7th according to their blog.

What About My Business?

Businesses using Google+ needn’t worry about losing that crucial backlink, as Google will continue to support the enterprise side via ‘Google MyBusiness’. If you have a personal G+ profile, move it or lose it. Now is the time to wind it down and move your Google business presence forward! To save your data, you can read more about it here.