Knowing your strengths

A small business website is the “bread and butter” for any budding entrepreneur, it’s the hub of all business activity. Think of a bicycle wheel, all spokes lead to the centre. Your social media pages, email campaigns, print materials and all other channels should be doing the same, leading any potential customers to your website.

Many small business owners fear that because they don’t know how set up a website, by coding or page building, they can’t have a website presence. In one respect it’s quite true, know your strengths – after all I wouldn’t attempt to install a gas fire, I’d leave it to a professional. There are a million site building tools for start ups which can offer basics ‘out of the box’, but they don’t help you rank your content for you. A professional will help you structure and rank your content, often spending (literally) hours then calling a professional to fix things is counter productive, time is money.

Take your time, no don’t…

Your website is far too important to your small business growth to be put off or put together in a hurry. The fact that you are thinking about having one built is a great start. A 2019 small business report from G2Crowd’s stated that;

  • 92% of business owners believe that having a website is the most effective digital marketing strategy.
  • 83% of small business owners with a website feel they a competitive edge over those without one.

We say 99% of small businesses need a website, the other one percent are dissolving on Teletext somewhere, is that even still a thing?

So, whether you’re starting, managing, or growing any type of business online today (or you are a successful off-line business coming online for the first time), then don’t put it off any longer… jump on in.

Let’s assume that you have already decided you need a new website, or significantly need to overhaul your existing one… You’ve already discovered a website designer that best suits your needs (have we even quoted you yet?) and have already purchased and set up the domain (no? we can do this for you too).

Here are 10 solid website tips for small businesses wanting to create a strategy

  1. Have a website strategy, yep… make notes – who do you want your services to stand in front of?
  2. Set a clear page hierarchy, nothing more confusing than a bad menu, set clear signposts to your objectives.
  3. Keep it simple, simple sometimes wins the day.
  4. Maintain well-defined call to actions, see number two, CTA’s drive visitors to sign up and contact forms.
  5. Make your design stand out, have an idea, study your competitors, can you do it better?
  6. Make your design responsive, that’s where we come in.
  7. Add social sharing icons, grow your audience and funnel them back.
  8. Optimise your written content for organic search, it’s free …paid advertising can often be a strain for start ups.
  9. Create a privacy policy, absolutely.
  10. Have a 404 page, don’t lose visitors to missing content – signpost them back in, we can help.

BONUS – Know the difference between “HTTP” vs. “HTTPS”. How long have you got?


We hope these 10 tips help to start you on the road to a strong’er business website, remember a successful small business website takes intentional and intelligent planning, design, development, and optimising. Want to get started or have a website that needs some attention?

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